Playing from the old steriofone.   The green walls were sturdy enough to hold up the ceiling but it was the floor I was worried about. Had the tenancy to slip out from under u if we let it.

Well it seems like the planets are out tonight too bright to be stars.  The way they change position you’d think they were dancing.

What if they have been lying about space? What if we really lived in a snow globe they keep punching holes through. Maybe their not. Maybe they never tested the wormhole for real. My view of thermodynamics is so very limited that you could fool me from an auto mechanic.   However I will say this. Why don’t they send some youtubers down to the north pole and tell me how many straight miles it took to get to Santa Claus because I heard he was in the slave trade and we need to find those people.


  1. How many a good person have I ovelooked? In what way can I maximize potential of any interaction without tripping over my own feet. So I hum a little ditty to the room and watch it unfold into a jaunty little opera.