Taste of a cigarette
Reminds me of love and of happiness
Then i think of your caress
I realize i don’t have it yet
Im still texting with your ghost
What im missing when i feel it most
Like A shot in my own heart
Like kissing in the park
Then waking up and its not real
U had enough but u know how i feel
But that’s just how it goes
And i hope
He knows
How beautiful destruction
I found
That cigarette keeps me hangin round and i can’t stop now
The rain is fallin down
See you in evry drop When it all comes down
And i hop he knows
How beautiful
Are the moments bound in time
Suspend Now they are mine
Theyre some of the only things
Id take with me
Into the fountain…so til the wreckage clears and the son appears til i stand before him on my own
And till the rainfalls down and im not body bound
l just keep cominround
cuz when i step out

It Will shine

our time

Our time
Into infinity the remedy real riot in me is him

And i hope he knows how beautiful
Ill be here