What did you just say to me? That is the question you want to ask every person you come across. But you can’t, because truth is you know exactly what they said, like it has come from your own mouth.  Truly this cant be… and you cant explain it to anyone because theyd only think of something you thought before. As a matter of fact that seems to be the problem. You are breaking your face just to find some thing that isnt you.  And advice is good with plan of action and a little cooperation. Until they turn their backs and you decipher the code that could have saved you… but instead your wrestling one of them while the other picks your pockets. And when you break free your stuck and they all have your keys…how…how did this happen, how did i let it get this far. Its ok its ok you still have the ability to rationalize the situation of course… but the authorities are in on it too and oh by the way as narrator i feel the responsibility to inform you that you have been eating and drinking in this place so you have….hmmmm… lets say ten min since that bottle of water she handed you…gives you an hour max till your a wiggly giggly mess at the bottom of this parkinglot.  They are talking off with what was supposed to be yours and we’re not just talking about cars. But you can hear the laughter as the short one runs back for one last kick.