Lie down in the bed you made and dont you mind the thorns
Whisper lies to comfort angels and forgive them for their horns
Breathe deep and slow while you still can before the fumes enter your lungs
Take heed to the wise spirits words and still your evil tongue
You walk along a crowded path that you think you walk alone
The traintracks lead into the mist that you want to take you home
Trouble is never far away and you have called it near
You brought the wind to take your seed and the the tempest brought you here.
Let go your worries your time is over
And you don’t matter much those that held you those that love you now wither at your touch
Fallen far and digging deep to darkness for your help
To hide from the heart to hide from the mirror where you cannot see yourself
Inert at last your tongue is tired and your looking for the light
It hides from you now it went away it left you to your fight
If it doesn’t hurt yet it comes on slow it waits ultil u think u survived
Will breaks slowly when there is time just wait you have arrived