As the curtain rose, darkness fell on the spectators and dazzling light played on the stage.  Darkness was less of a gesture toward the already silent crowd as it was a gracious act that  concealed the horrors that lay a mere five feet from the curtain.  A sense of wrongness permeated the building. There was no escape, the show must go on.  

Shiela nervously fondles the hem of her dress as someone whispered words of encouragement she couldn’t hear past the insane murmerings of her past. She had led herself here and being so surrounded only solidified her resolve to surrender.  However there would be no surrender,  nothing so peaceful as the laying down or the closing of  eyes that had gotten her here.
Smoothing her skirts she did her best to look dignified as she walked to the stage .

That’s when it took her. The ubreasp oned horror that distorted her features bringing the corners of her mouth to a quivering halt at her jawline. Eyes widened and her breathing became labored as she tried to stop it, forgo what was happening to her. Come child have a seat said a soothing voice from center stage. The only response to the clammy hands that grasped hers was a movement of terrified eyes to the point of contact. Mercy hope and all the faithful friends that had kept her became her tormentors as they led her. Each step she took seemed to solidify her fate.
Somewhere,  lightyears and miliseconds away the dr.s ended the fight for her life. Her last words to be remembered as the lunacy brought on before sedation had completely taken hold. 
As the sheet was pulled over the lights clicked on the audience.  Every instance of love that could’ve been shown became clear pathways where it wasn’t opened up in her mind and the corruption spread until all she could understand was the abomination that was herself.