we all work in different ways there are a few templates I use myself. however my favorite is… ahe, excuse me mr robinson have you been missing quite a bit of class? *sits up* my attendance is perfect, ask any question you like, but you already know I know the answer so im jest gonna zone out for a while ok? Ok?? No, not ok. I’m here to teach you how to ball with the big boys…and you think that beating these little league knockoffs is any indication of how your future will play out. If u truly believe than i have nothing to show u then by all means mr. Robinson take off!
As u wish professor, oh by the way that algorithm is atrocious i believe even one of your “knockoffs” might be able to save you.
Open you eyes Timothy Robinson, we are almost ready for you. I was unsure if i should elivate the intensity of neural imput as my collegue suggested. How was your experience? I most certainly wouldn’t want another overload on my watch.
Overlead?! You have no idea what I’m capable of gimme the juice jack and don’t hold back

Plugged into the black he knows he has to accumilate information in order to wake up. Floating through a grey haze of equasions he spoke to the abyss attempting to interface with it. What he got was a jumble of confused patterns and symbols. Trying to come up with an answer for a puzzle with no pieces it clicked….

You are in my brain are you not… so if i concentrate hard enough i can break through your static…

Relaxing flexing and focusing his concentration he moved his way into a new type of understanding.

havoc on those smug enough to think they didn’t know what they were being trained for. They were the elite. The artificial intelegence was not intrinsic to the biotechnitians job but rather an afterthought so as to augment the trappings already in place. But it was he who reigned supreme over them all he was called DR. STATIC