It began with the animals, the squirrels went first. But c’mon those things are crazy insomniac bastards and no one thought anything until the fish started climbing up the line.  Or maybe it was when every animal in town broke its leash to get out of town.  it doesn’t really matter who spotted first, the point is it was finally happening, the evolution of mankind, or the destruction of the world as we know it.

A sneak  it was a subtle whisper in the ear from that voice you know you shouldn’t listen to, seeming to echo before it left just to make sure you got the point it…lingered.   It came on not as subtle of a suggestion as you might think would ease into a persons psyche, but an outrageous and bawdy comment so as to shock the conscious into repeating it like lines on a chalkboard.  It built up in the minds of each passerby until finally the square was crowded… and quiet each person holding back and swallowing their fears like last nights stomach acid.

What followed spread as paper to flame a wave of violence as each person met their breaking point throwing sanity to the wind that howled out of their lungs.  Windows became oppressive to the outsider and rocks were thrown. Necklaces became collars and clothes became kindling to the madness that spread. Nothing to be left standing.  To call it chaos would be a misrepresentation of fact. It was very unified and a terrible thing to behold.