look at her mother… She feels like My Teddy bear, what’s wrong with her mother? Her skin is all wrong!

Dont look at me!!!

their eyes peered down on me. they showed no interest…focus… comprehention… their voices clear of purpose as they rang out and gawked at me. it was so strange that first day, me walking around and noticing how odd their gestures and smiles rang false in their eyes..it haunts me still how I did not know what I missed at home…

It is Not OUR EYES that you should fear Noelle, ah forgive me I forget sometimes you feel just like her but… With all the regrets in the world I must say that you are not anything like our Noelle… Your name is Ariel is it not?

I assume Click told you I’d be coming… You lost ones seem to know a lot about me… But Yes I am Ariel, and you are…?

I am the sum of all my parts…Your skin dear…Do you not sense me? Can you not feel me?

he touched my arm and quickly let go as if he’d been burnt…

Oh…I see….she’s blind… can you see me?

And just to prove to them that I could see and maybe make myself feel a little better I told him that the color of his wallpaper was brown…this proclamation was only greeted by silence

i was…

Panicked, I tried to rationalize…. this is not real… where am i and how do I get out of here

Click, with a covergirl smile stands serenely in the middle of the room and winks at me

I really lost it then… i coudnt help myself i just did, crying and screaming and thinking hey this is it God i am asking you to find me and somehow breathe some kinda light into this situation…. praying turned into silently ranting at myself, un named profanities at melody who remained totally silent during this entire exchange.

a familiar voice yells at me from the back of the room

How do you Feel Love if you cannot FEEL love? Inside of me is skin and bone and even my bones would feel if My heart was beating enough.. I will and forever be greatful for the gift of life now that I see it completely extenguished yet walking about for some reason unknown…

she is something from the darkness they made up for an assassins creation…. surely she is the dark one they spoke if that…terrorist

the blood she has in her vains does not beat with a reason in her mind …. certainly this is some ungodly thing that was wraught in the dungeon of some sick and depraved mind I am sorry for the son of a bitch that ever crosses the line into your world

Silence hubert, you do not yet understand

Hubert, gave me one last expressionless look then paused touched the old woman who also had a familiar voice  and his entire face  lit up first with surprise, then with sadness and then a strange defiance overtook all of the features of his person and he ran from the room

Click spoke up, yes i believe i have some exlplaining to do…I am going to say this so both parties understand, If you put your hand on a stovetop… it hurts, but not in the same way that it pains you as a person to have to say goodbye to a special someone forever right? so please give Ariel some time…and Ariel if they weren’t looking at you believe me you would not be real to them so don’t think that your *ahem* mumblings to yourself have not been heard…

They sat at the very edge of the room and I avoided their gaze…Click was the only thing in the room that seemed a beacon of hope to a lost situation… she walks over slowly swiveling her hips first and then turning her torso to meet it in a perfect runway strut… she glided over and laughed

Dark one *giggle* yes that fits quite well…although I think she might understand you as equally dark when I tell you how this whole thing works…Ariel think about this for a while

The people of mundo…your family, feel their emotions mainly on their skin. when they fall and scrape their knee as a children they would cry same as any other but it would feel something like having their entire class make fun of them for being too weird looking. The tactile senses that you experience by touching something, they would feel only in their minds or wherever it is that you 445’s feel your emotions…they would be able to sense heat or cold (A) if it was enough to damage their skin, or (B)if was enough to raise the temperature of anything they laid their eyes on …but they will never know how it feels to eat ice cream too fast or to have a favorite color….

So its kind of like being scared and having Goosebumps,

Now your getting it keep going

Or when my cheeks get hot when I am angry

Imagine that times about eighty million and all over your body

I see

No child you do not…

It was that old woman again, and there was something so familiar about her voice I just couldn’t put my finger on it

Our minds are like water…we pour out our existence through our eyes and are able to touch the world around us we see color just as you see shapes…but do you know why this was Noelle’s favorite room? Because there is a hole in the ceiling about three feet wide that of course you didn’t know was there until I told you…there are doors in this room that are not visible to your eyes because you cannot touch with your mind…only by running your hand over them like a blind person would you know they are there…but you are not blind are you? I suppose we will have to find another adjective for what you are.

Just then…Hubert entered seemingly dragging a man into the room by his clothes…something was wrong with this man…his eyes were at first glance as expressionless as the others but then as he drew closer I could tell that they were sad…

This is Jalaal, he is… a burn victim…there are not many like him in the world, most would rather die than live like he does