Beneath the skin are a bagillion tiny nerves that enclose the raw energy of your soul. During orgasm those nerves are opened up and energy is transferred and combined sometimes leading to conception. An idea is formed within the mind of god and life is created.  The vessel is emptied once the energy has run its course and the charge is released from its mortal casing. I am here defying the laws of physics existing in the same space as you because energy once transferred takes no heed of spatial restrictions.

Open your mouth and unleash your sword suppression gives the shampaign cork effect with far less pleasant result.

Reflection is refracted light and if light is energy then i am a ghost of my former self moving fast enough to defy time only to give the appearence of everything that i have ingested.  i have actually been replaced because if i could see myself as i actually was i wouldnt need eyes ad i am simultaniously existing interacting giving and losing myself to everyone and  thing around me