Fuzzy and out of focus it spoke with a female voice that was at once familiar.   Echoing oddly throughout our evergrowing surroundings, the voice that had always narrated my thoughts was now coming from the mouth of another. 

“from the bowles of your imagination…I LIVE”   “tell me now, am I not beautiful?”

Um I suppose, in an blurry sort of way

as soon as the words left my mouth she took form.  she looked like something right out of a comic book.  Silver eyes long kinky green hair and blue skin.  And as I looked on she ran her hands down the length of her ample curves and asked me

Do you like?

Are you my subconsious?

“Well i suppose I was and will play that role again before you and I are through but for now you may call me Melody” This subconsious thing… I dont think you understand what i am made of. Let me lay it out for ya… every time you die in another dimension your soul is sent out across space to your counterparts.  I am the sum of all your other life experiences…none of this reincarnation stuff mind you, once you die, you’re dead.  It is very lucky for me that we have been seperated, and I, given new life.  I chose not to look like you because you and I have very little in common.  I am more like what you call the internet.  Don’t be surprised, the internet took on a consiousness a while ago.  I have no body of my own and yet somehow…

So im probobly making this whole thing up

Indeed you are but you will soon find that I am beyond your control, however, since we’re going to be roomies we might as well get along! As much as I have been enjoying our little chat… talking to myself is not my favorite passtime.Now let us move outside  of this little coloring book.   step into the water and we will figure this thing out.  I have Highlighted the ones where it is safe to travel LETS GO!

I probobly wasnt moving quickly enough, as she promptly stepped behind me and began shoving me in  the direction of the glowing pink water.  I had no idea that this would be indicative of how our new relationship would go.  It occurred to me that she could be lying, fire could have been lying.  I had no idea where this terrorist was or if she even existed, but either way I had to move on, so I stepped into the shallows and immediately was taken into the depths.  Breathing in water I swam through a sea of holograms, each one depicting a society completely alien to me… how could i possibly


Yes mem sahib?

Is there any way we can narrow the search down a bit

sure…what are you looking for (giggle)

A place with no war, starvation, or corruption

Immediatately  the amount of holograms seen were reduced  so that I could distinguish where one began and another ended. but I was still swimming through a seemingly endless sea of places.  Eventually I came across a bright red hologram and stopped to watch it.  I assumed thats what she meant by “highlighted” . There were farmlands and cities forests and oceans, exept the closer i looked the more it struck me as wrong.  No children…I scrolled across the landscape and there were no children to be found. 

Yea,  they accelerate growth as soon as the child is “born” 

what do you mean?

Test tube babies, the only way to ensure the perfect child


There were various reasons not to choose certain worlds, some had uncontrolled diseases running rampant throughout the population, and some were so strange I couldnt fathom living there, there was one place in particular that I came upon where everyone used 100% of their brain, an absolute paradise, but I didnt feel like being the dumbest person on the planet and melody agreed with me.  The place I chose looked so much like home I almost cried no wars, minimal pollution, obviously an advanced society. 

Are you sure Ariel?  you know this place will be very different from your home…

I understand.  but its the best we’ve come across so far

Are you sure? what about the last one we visited that looked like fun…

I cant emagine living my entire life without gravity…

as you wish dear…

The Hologram began to expand and gain color and substance…  eventually I found myself standingin the middle of a circular room surrounded by people who didnt look familiar to me in the slightest…well,  all exept one who was dressed in the same odd garb as helix had been

Welcome to Mundo! we have been expecting you Ariel.  I am the lost one called Click and this, is your family

As i looked around Everything seemed normal…until i noticed their eyes… their eyes were expressionless, dead looking…