“445, welcome to the space inbetween, this is where your subconscious minds will be split from your active one and together you will choose your destination” You have all been lied to by the lost ones, so here is also the place where you will receive a measure of truth about where you came from and where you are going. my Name is Fire and You are on the journey of a lifetime.

All around me i could hear voices echoing, I couldn’t tell if it was coming from inside of my head or all around me. Could this be her? the terrorist? She seemed to be hovering a few feet higher than where I was standing with a green glow all around her

No 445 I am Not a terrorist, and no I cannot read your thoughts, enough of you have asked me this question to where most of you must be at least thinking it. You see, there are many of you here, but as you are all the same person you are allowed to occupy the same space. Time is irrelevant, so we can do this for as long as you want

I will now list the lies told to 445’s and then correct them as to quell any confusion
“lie #1. your planet is carnivorous. It takes your soul after you die, eats all of your experiences and shits out the newly cleaned soul in order to harvest more experiences.”
“Humanity on 445’s earth are so unclean that it would make any planet sick if it consumed that much filth and disharmony. No, when you die your soul comes pre equipped with a mechanism to prepare you for judgment”
Lie #2 and I am proud to say that most of you figured this one out immediately…Universes are not subject to death as they are ever expanding…all things come to an end dearest ones and one day so will 445
Lie #3 you were brought here because they were tracking some sort of transdimensional criminal

No, you were snatched from the grasp of everything you know and in most occasions love, because one of the counterparts has been time traveling and botched it some how…you see, everytime you travel into the future or the past you end up in a different dimension, most of these dimensions are so similar to each other that there really isn’t much of a difference. However one of us has landed in a dimension so different from her own that the rest of us have been displaced… which is rather good for you 445’s because it gives you a chance to survive the upcoming earthwar, and whatever counterpart lands herself on 445 to save your loved ones.

I believe that I have done all I can in this form…it is time for you to face yourself. keep your faith dear ones God is working within you and if need be she will do without you…goodbye

And with that she disappeared…I walked over to where she had been and looked for…I have no idea what I was looking for but it most certainly was not there. As I stood examining the place in the air that Fire had once occupied everything changed. The plain white abyss took shape and suddenly there was sky filled with stars and a few planets you could almost reach out and touch. Trees materialized out of nothing and planted themselves in a pink ocean that radiated light and illuminated the landscape. As I watched the waves lick the roots of the trees that had somehow been planted there a shape emerged from the water and walked onto the green and black sand of the beach.