my last day on earth…it was a sad dramatic affair…leaving the only ones i knew. Knowing that I would never see any of them again was…heartbreaking.  but as far as goodbyes go I dont think anyone has ever had a better send off.  I had a whole year to prepare, but i knew nothing would get me ready for what was to come.  so i lived, i laughed, i cherished each moment savoring the way they slipped away from me…knowing that even time is not a constant always.   I wont fool anyone by saying that i was brave at the end of it all, no, i never was any good at pretending to be something I wasnt.  I have never fooled anyone but myself.

That day in the living room was when it all started. You would think we were at a funeral the way he sounded.  going on like that with his voice filled with some unknown hope for a great beyond, which the odds were against him ever having been to. 

“you have been gathered here today to witness an event, that will ripple across your known universe and beyond”  “we have been tracking a universal terrorist and have pinpointed their exact dimension. In order for that threat to be moved all of its counterparts must be adjusted to alternate universes.”  Ariel Jackson, it is my solemn duty to inform you that you have been blue lighted and must be re-…re-…im sorry Ariel but one year from now life as you know it will end

You had to hand it to him.  Helix had a way with words when he really got into character.  It was like, he’d look at you and you’d be the only one in the room.  He had my complete attention…oh and I suppose  life hanging on the balance was a good gimick to really draw the crouds.  Hell, he got my attention pretty good. But i guess it was my life…hanging…

“Ariel, I came from a place where you are dead ,  To look upon your face lit once again by the spark of life is….forgive me, I over step myself.  Ariel Jackson, you have been blue lighted and will be relocated to the next best dimension that will best suit your spiritual needs I am here to watch over you until you make the journey.  “

Is there any choice in the matter? cant I have more information about this?  is there any other way i can be of service to mankind?

No ariel  we have no control over the shift taking you only the knowledge that it WILL take you…in one year. during this year we will keep you safe, do our best to prepare your family for the new arriaval, and prepare you for your destination.  I am sorry, but it is the most we can do.

Who is we? my mother says, ever the watchful one

We are the lost… We watch over life and make sure that there are no disruptions in its flow.  we have been persuing the terrorist and have narrowed it down to one consiousness on one plane of existance and it is our hope to put a stop to the mayhem and horror they have caused

Why not just kill me then


because you are our hope in the darkness at best and losing you would be a terrible waste of life. 

He’s cracked Ariel

That is my closest bud Alexis saying what everyone in the room was thinking at the moment…

Hes cracked and everybodys buying it!  i love you girl but am… he’s playing hopscotch with your ego at the edge of a very steep cliff

believe me or not ariel! I only came here to warn and watch over you

Just then Colnel rash appeared on our living room television and Helix’s rantings became all to real. His voice and his chest were puffed out in authourity pompusness and gass…judjing by the content of his speech and the the sound of his voice the only hot air escape on his body was out of his mouth

I have a rather large distaste for tightassness

Ariel you are doing a great service to your country and your world, unfortunately the president couldnt be there himself but asks me to deliver my assurances that your family and your counterpart will be taken care of after you are gone

Damn… and they didnt even promise me any virgins upon my arrival

so I put on my best face, and for the safety of all life everywhere I began my so called preperation for leaving my safe place…my home…my life …everything i knew and loved

So a human being to the core,  I began the grieving process. all seven sodding steps of them… of course to those around me i looked as if… as if i was hiding my emotions and doing a rather poor job of it…

But they kept up the charade and so did I… in the end I love them all the more for it